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The Best FSX Joystick

With the transition in the face of flight sim technology, the revolution of joysticks has made a comeback with a range of notorious flight simulator controls and hardware, marking the dawn of a new season for FSX enthusiasts. Indeed, the types of FSX joystick such as the Saitek X52 Pro Flight System, the Thrustmaster T-Flight Joystick, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and many others have been the backbone to such transformation and hence a growing need to make sure you’re choosing the best of the best.

How should I choose the best FSX Joystick?

When it comes to exploring the scope of joysticks, an important component to consider would be the different designs of joysticks, features and the merits with such devices. Indeed, the Saitek X52 has taken transformation a step further by featuring powerfully smart software technology enabling the user to programme their controllers with each game used. Wherever possible, this joystick for FSX can be used to slice and dice performance so as to arrive at the highest level of joystick operation! As if this is not enough, the Saitek X52 has created industry-focused and value-standard storage and operational solutions with its highly customized and precisely centralized mechanism.

Wherever possible, the mechanism prevents the contact between the X and Y axes on the contact technology which improves the control of the joystick. Indeed, this feature is what has enabled the device to increase performance and operational efficiency as far as flight simulation is concerned. With the many companies providing joystick solutions that are basically fine in their own context, Saitek X52 has been able to offer time-to-value joystick services and still managed to be more of a brand name solution and hence a great differentiator for the device.

The Thrustmaster T-Flight Joystick For FSX

The Thrustmaster T-Flight joystick falls next in our list with a powerful capability in flight sim gaming. Much to its credit, the Thrustmaster T-Flight features an exclusively programmable 5-axle and 12-button functionality making it a perfect choice for your simming. Ergonomically designed with real-size detachable throttle control, the Thrustmaster T-Flight has provided basic operational capabilities in an outsourced basis. Indeed, the joystick features the latest technology in building out flight simulation solutions end-to-end. As if this is not enough, what has made it uniquely different and highly customizable in a highly regulated and competitive joystick industry is the ability to remain adjustably resistant, a feature that has made it a high-precision joy stick. It is available quite cost-effectively around the $43 mark, a price that makes it easily affordable, but still offers one of the best FSX joystick solutions.

Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

It would be incomplete to wrap up without a mention of the reputable Logitech Extreme 3D Pro FSX joystick. For as low as $26.99 at Amazon, the Extreme 3D Pro can be counted on to deliver excellent value for money in a no-frills kind of way. But how is this possible? Well, this is because the joystick has gained a powerful portfolio of solutions by featuring a rapid fire trigger with 12 well programmable buttons. Anytime you can home in on your target and focus with the accurate direction control handle. And whether undertaking aerobatic manoeuvres or taking off in a B737, the accurate and smooth throttle settings are major bonuses for virtual pilots.

The Benefits of FSX Joysticks & The Limitations

Although many devices are not fully compatible with Mac systems, this probably isn’t too much of a consideration, as FSX isn’t designed for a Mac anyway. Luckily for flight simulating purposes, having a dedicated joystick, throttle and even rudder pedal makes the hobby that bit more fun and realistic, interactive and even educational.

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