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CH Products Yoke for Flight Sim

Let’s face it, joysticks just aren’t that realistic if you’re using your flight simulator for general aviation / airline type flying. OK fair enough if you’re burning holes in the sky flying the latest fighter jet, but for most purposes a CH control yoke and rudder pedal set will give you that extra bit of realism.

The CH Products Yoke has an inbuilt throttle and mixture levers so you don’t have to reach for the keyboard every time you want to power up. With your feet on the rudder pedals there isn’t much you couldn’t practise on flight simulator that wouldn’t be of benefit to you in a real plane. You’ll wonder how you managed with your bog-standard joystick before you got your yoke and pedals. With your feet on the rudder pedals you can disable the auto-yaw feature of most flight sims, so you’re having to push on the pedal every time you turn, ensuring your turns are co-ordinated with the ailerons. You can also practice many other important moves such as perfecting your cross-wind landings and initiating a wing-drop for your stall practices for example. By the way that might not be the best idea to try in your B747 but hey it’s flight-sim so why not!

So why purchase the CH Products Flight Yoke System? Firstly they are one of the flight-simulator control specialists that have been in the market creating hardware for years. You know you’re getting quality with the CH flight sim products, and that’s probably why they’re one of the most popular! Take a look at the CH Yoke and Rudders here:

New From: 159.46 In Stock
Used from: 155.80 In Stock
Release date June 1, 2010.

New From: 188.60 In Stock
Release date September 9, 2011.

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